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    The Multilingual Education Department supports the District’s mission and its Strategic Plan in assuring equal educational access for English Learners and their families to inspire and empower students to construct a thriving future while celebrating their cultural, racial, and linguistic identities.  By offering a variety of instructional models to support students whose first language is not English and who are not yet proficient in English, we align content with Illinois state standards and WIDA’s English Language Development framework and modify the delivery of instruction to align with WIDA levels of English proficiency. Our language programs are based on research and best practices to ensure that the interrelationship between socio-cultural, linguistic, academic, and cognitive processes is supported and that students have meaningful and successful learning opportunities. We honor, respect, and promote speaking more than one language and learning in multilingual and multicultural modalities.


    “One Language sets you in the corridor of life. Two Languages opens every door along the way.”
    -Frank Smith (Psycholinguist)


    “Un lenguaje te pone en el camino de la vida.  Dos lenguajes abren cada puerta en el camino.”
    -Frank Smith (Psicolingüista)