Welcome to Transportation

  • The RLAS-116 Transportation Department is dedicated to providing safe, effective, and efficient school bus services to the families of Round Lake Area Schools students.

    The Transportation Department for Round Lake Area Schools is responsible for transporting approximately 3,700 students to and from school on a daily basis. Currently, we have a fleet of 47 buses and run approximately 270 routes daily within our district boundaries.  The routes promote optimal student safety as well as programmed efficiency.

    Our department is located at the Operations Service Center, 811 Sunset Drive, Round Lake. This is right behind Round Lake High School. You can contact our office at 847-270-9019 7:00am-4:30pm on school days. Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Spanish-speaking families can call 224-842-2086.

Who is eligible for transportation?

  • All students who reside over 1.5 miles from their school of attendance or encounter situations that meet the established criteria for a "serious hazard" due to vehicular traffic, railroad crossing or criminal gang activity, will receive free transportation to school.  For additional information, please see Chapter 4.10 - Bus Transportation of the student handbook.

Bus Stops

  • We locate bus stops to service entire neighborhoods and to provide a safe, walkable route for the students to board the bus. The stops are located in established locations in subdivisions to service the students based on the configuration of the neighborhood. Hazards such as parkways, crossroads, high traffic roads, curves, hills, etc. are taken into consideration. Unfortunately, we are not able to position bus stops so that all parents/guardians are able to see the stop from their homes. Bus stop locations may be turned on or off based on the location of the students but are not moved because of students moving in or out of the subdivision. Rural routes may have exceptions due to high-speed traffic on the road and/or the inability to have a safe, walkable route such as a sidewalk or bike path.

Before & After School Care

  • BUS ADJUSTMENT FORMS must be completed and turned in by July 31, 2023. Forms received after July 31 will not have a bus available on the first day of school and bussing will start on 8/28. 

    Transportation to and/or from a daycare provider is available.

    The following guidelines must be followed:

    1. Students must have the same pickup/drop off address ALL days of the week.
    2. Your daycare provider must reside in the same school boundary your child resides in and must be eligible for transportation is outlined in the "Who is eligible for Transportation" section listed above.
    3. Please complete a "Bus Adjustment Form" and return it to your child's school office. Please be advised that if transportation is approved, this process can take 3-5 days to begin new transportation.

Transportation Procedures


    Based on the information available from completed student registrations, bus routes will be determined approximately 5 days prior to the start of the school year. Students are not permitted to ride a bus other than the bus to which they are assigned.


    If you have a change of address, complete the Bus Adjustment Request Form. Once completed, please bring this form and Proof of Residency to your child's school office. Transportation changes take a minimum of 3-5 days after verification to process in order to advise the schools and bus drivers of the changes. The school will alert the parents to check Infinite Campus for new busing information.


    If you qualify for busing and you need to make revisions to your busing needs, (i.e., childcare, bus needed, no bus needed), please fill out the Bus Adjustment Request Form and return it to your child's school office.

Bus Stops & Inclement Weather

  • The weather here in the Midwest can be challenging. Each season can bring different challenges in relation to bus stops and getting the buses safely to them - especially in the winter.  Snow and ice can affect bus stops and the travel to them.  Bus stops are placed throughout the district to best accommodate all riders in a safe and efficient manner.  When we get large amounts of snowfall, we will not be able to relocate bus stops. This would not be feasible as all stops in the district may be affected by larger amounts of snow.  We would not be able to move all the bus stops throughout the district.

    Please realize that we do not have control over residents in neighborhoods clearing the snow around their homes on the way to your bus stop.  Snow removal in the neighborhoods is provided by many municipalities, homeowner associations and private companies.  We do work with these entities to try to notify them of where bus stops are located but remember their staff may change often making this an ongoing challenge.

    The following are some suggestions concerning inclement weather and your student’s bus stop:

    • Students should always dress appropriately for the weather. Buses may be delayed due to weather-related driving conditions.
    • Remind your student to wear safe shoes/boots and shuffle their feet like a penguin when conditions are icy.
    • Work with neighbors taking turns clearing snow on and around bus stops.
    • Stay up to date with weather forecasts and know what is coming.

Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up

  • Each school in the District has developed a process for parents/guardians to drop their child off at school and pick him or her up from school. Specific information for each pick-up/drop-off system will be provided by the Building Principal at the school your child attends. 

    Vehicles MAY NOT be parked or located in active bus lanes or fire lanes at ANY TIME.  Bus lanes and fire lanes are clearly marked.  Vehicles located in these locations may be ticketed and/or towed by the police.  

    To assure that all students are safe it is imperative that you do not deviate from the drop-off/pick-up process communicated.