Degrees and Certifications:

I've been teaching for seventeen years. My bachelors is in Geological Engineering and my masters is Arts in Teaching.

Mr. Alberto Ferrusca

.I have taught since 1999 teaching Math, Science, ESL and Spanish. My teaching certification allows me to teach from 6th to 12th grades. Most of the time I've being working with 

Bilingual program because my native language is Spanish. I enjoy my work because I really believe in students to be motivated and supported for getting better opportunities to

become integrated in our multi-cultural society managing better positions that allow them to improve themselves as individuals and becoming better citizens in our Society.

I would like to offer my skills of speaking English and Spanish to the parents of our students who struggle because of their bilingualism. We can have an open communication

in your native language to support our students in their academic goals to become success in school and at home.

Parents can communicate with me at:

Thank you