Early Childhood Special Education

  • The Early Childhood Special Education program is designed to prepare children for kindergarten. The program exposes children to a structured learning setting where functional routines, social skills, early literacy and early math skills are taught in a language rich environment. Each classroom has 1 teacher and a teacher assistant. Teachers are licensed early childhood educators with an approval in special education. Children do not need to be toilet trained to participate in the program. Children learn arrival and dismissal routines, participate in whole group, small group, and individualized lessons, spend 40-50 minutes per day in open center playtime, are provided 20 minutes of gross motor time, and receive a free snack each day.  All children receive free bussing and all school supplies are provided by the program.  The Early Childhood Special Education program is a half-day program with a morning session that begins at 9:00am, and ends at 11:30am and an afternoon session that begins at 1:00pm, and ends at 3:30pm. All children in the Early Childhood Special Education classrooms have Individualized Education Programs (IEP) and all special education services such as speech language therapy, social work and occupational therapy are provided within the classroom by licensed and certified staff. Classroom size is 10 students. You can view our power standards here to learn more about the critical areas of development students are assessed on each year.