Round Lake High School Athletic Field Updates

  • Exciting work is underway at Round Lake High School which will lead to much-needed renovations to a variety of our outdoor athletic facilities! 


    Why are we renovating the athletic fields?

    In Fall 2018, a committee was established to analyze the current status of our athletic facilities. The process included a thorough review of the current condition, capacity, and programming needs. Since this time, a newly selected architect has been a great partner in establishing a proposed plan to address the current needs. The following information is what this committee addressed:

    The condition of some of the athletic facilities are subpar, pose safety concerns, limit participation, and require significant attention. The areas being worked on at this time include the football/soccer stadium (RLHS), practice fields (RLHS & JTMMS), tennis courts, and concessions and storage buildings (RLHS).

    Football/Soccer Stadium

    • The game field is used for football games and soccer matches. The condition of the field was causing safety concerns due to the uneven and cracking surface. Drainage was also an issue. In addition, the layout was too narrow to meet recommended soccer field dimensions.
    • The running track was approximately 20 years old. The wear and condition of the track surface posed several safety issues. There were locations of the track that could literally be lifted off the ground. In addition, the track was only six lanes, limiting the ability to host larger invitationals.   
    • The framework of the bleachers had been installed in the 1960’s and were not ADA compliant. The gaps between the seats and floorboard posed safety concerns. Also, the press box was built in the early 1980’s.
    • The stadium lighting was erected in the 1980’s and like other parts of the stadium were under constant repair.

    Practice Fields

    • The practice field across from the main entrance (circle drive) of Round Lake High School had been used by several sports and activities. Rocks had begun to surface across the majority of this space, rendering the area largely unusable due to safety risks. 
    • The soccer field/practice field at John T. Magee Middle School was uneven and compacted, especially in the areas in front of the goals. All green space on campus is needed in order to service the athletic and activity programs. 

    Tennis Courts

    RLAS-116 does not have tennis courts on its property or within walking distance. Students participating in tennis currently utilize the courts owned by the Round Lake Area Park District, located at Shag Bark Park. The six courts are in great need of repair and the limitation of six courts constricts competition participation. 

    Concession and Storage Buildings

    The concession building within the stadium was built in the 1990’s. The building and surrounding area are in need of renovation and additional space in order to store both athletic and maintenance equipment. 

  • The Plan

    The RLAS-116 Board of Education took action on Monday, October 22, 2018 to approve the Athletic Facilities construction project. This project will bring much-needed updates to our athletic and physical education facilities to ensure that our students and community have a safe and acceptable experience.

    This project includes the renovation and/or addition of the following areas at Round Lake High School:

    • Football/Soccer Stadium
      • Turf field 
      • 8-lane track 
      • All new bleachers 
      • Press box with an observation deck 
      • Lighting 
    • Concession Area 
    • Tennis Courts 
    • Practice Fields 

    The facilitation of these projects began right away with a goal to complete all projects prior to the start of the 2019-20 school year. We will be providing status updates along the way.

    Please refer to the following links for additional information.



  • 10/14/2019

    Construction Project Update

    The final construction is finishing up for the Grand Opening next Friday.  Things are starting to look great! 

    The track surface has the final coat and needs to cure before final striping. 

    The bleachers are complete and have been certified by the manufacturer. 

    The paving around the bleachers is complete and the fencing is being installed behind the bleachers.  The final paving will be completed as soon as the score board is complete and the weather permits.  The final fencing work will be completed as soon as the paving is complete.

    The landscaper is trying to complete everything as weather allows. 

    The final touches are being completed at the concession stand and final cleaning will be done on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The final inspections are scheduled for Wednesday. 

    The scoreboard work has started and will be completed next week. 


    Construction Project Update

    Round Lake received a lot of rain this week. The trades which could work continued to make progress. However, due to the rain events, the weather-dependent work was stalled. 

    The tennis court surface started but could not be completed this week due to the weather. With rain in the forecast, they were unable to coat the courts since they must dry at least 4 hours. 

    The rubber pellets at the field were not able to be completed this week. It was also too wet to install the fencing. The track surfacing will be started on September 23, weather permitting. The home side bleacher aluminum planks are being installed.  

    The practice fields were very wet so the sod was not able to be laid. 

    The roof sheathing has started to be installed at the concession stand. The masonry work is complete. 



    Construction Project Update

    The project continues at a fast pace. It rained one day this week which caused a one day delay but the contractors have been working long hours to try to make up.

    The tennis court fence posts and fencing are now complete. The tennis court surfacing has started. This work should take about two weeks.

    The athletic field turf inlays are complete and the sand and rubber pellets are being installed. Owner training will be scheduled for next week as soon as the sand and rubber is complete. The perimeter fencing is being installed around the track. The track surfacing will be started on September 18, weather permitting.

    The home side bleacher steel is continuing. The press box was installed on Thursday. The visitor side bleachers are complete. The bleacher steel will continue to be erected next week and the aluminum plank is expected to start with the steel is complete.

    The practice fields continue to be graded and black dirt continues to be pulverized and spread. The sod for the soccer fields is planned to start Monday, weather permitting.

    The trusses for the concession stand have started to be erected. The rook will be installed after the trusses are complete.


    Construction Project Update

    The project continues to move along at full speed. One day was lost this week due to rain but the site is drying up again and progress is good. The tennis court fence posts are complete and about 60% of the fencing has been installed. As soon as the asphalt curing waiting period is over, the tennis court surface will be installed. The surface is expected to start next week.

    The athletic field turf inlays are being installed. Upon completion of the turf inlays, the rubber will be installed on the field. The home side bleacher steel is about 40% complete. The press box is expected to arrive on-site next week. The visitor side bleachers are about 95% complete.

    The practice fields continue to be graded and black dirt continues to be pulverized and spread. The sod for the soccer fields is planned to start late next week, weather permitting.

    The sire concrete is complete. The light poles at the concrete entrance path have been erected.

    The exterior masonry walls of the concession stand are complete. The interior walls will be completed next week. The trusses and roof will be installed after the masonry is complete.


    Construction Project Update

    The jobsite was extremely busy this week and excellent progress was made. All trades had large crews and they were all working together to get the most production possible. The tennis court stone, asphalt binder, net posts and surface course was installed. Now, the asphalt surface needs cure time of approximately three weeks prior to tennis court surface coating being installed.

    The curb and trench drain are completed in the athletic field. Curbs for the pole vault, shot put and long jump areas were also completed. The fine grading of the athletic field will be done this weekend with turf installation starting next week. The home side bleacher concrete has been installed. The stone for the track is being installed and the paving for the track will be done next week.

    The practice fields continue to be graded and black dirt continues to be pulverized and spread. The slopes of detention ponds were seeded.

    The site curbs and sidewalk adjacent to the parking lot have been started and will continue into next week.

    The athletic field light poles were erected.

    The concession stands underground plumbing inspection was approved on August 15. The concession stand can now resume. The concrete slab is scheduled to be poured on Saturday, weather permitting.


    Construction Project Update

    Weather has been cooperating nicely over the past week! The perimeter curb and trench drain around the track/field was installed and poured. Shot put areas are being prepared. Pulverized dirt for the practice fields is being spread. Visitors and home bleachers will be delivered in the next couple weeks. Field turf installation is scheduled for this month!



    Construction Project Update

    The weather finally cooperated this week. The football field and tennis courts were stabilized early in the week. The soccer fields are in the process of being graded. Underground electrical conduit is being installed within the field. Installation of perimeter drains and structures at the field started at the end of the week. This coming week, we look for the continuation of perimeter drains and structure installation at the football field and tennis courts. The soccer fields will continue to be graded. Excavation for the bleacher foundations will begin.



    Construction Project Update
    With the good weather early in the week, the unsuitable soil materials were removed and replaced with stone fill per the soil engineer’s recommendation. The field and tennis courts were graded in preparation for the lime stabilization work, scheduled to start on Monday, July 19. Unfortunately, there were torrential downpours on Thursday morning resulting in flooding on the site. Therefore, trucks and equipment were not able to enter the site on Thursday. The soil stabilization work is postponed until trucks and equipment are able to work on the site without causing damage. The installation of the stadium lights has started and installation will continue once the concrete foundation test results come in. The sanitary sewer relocation near the concession has been completed and was witnessed by the Village. Testing of the sewer lone could not be done on Thursday as scheduled but will be done after we are able to access the site. The storm on July 18 will result in at least three days lost days due to the flooding. Check the Gallery for pics!


    Construction Project Update

    More rain was received this week and the fields were not able to be worked in because they were too wet. However, progress was made with the concession stand. Foundations were poured. Next week, plumbing rough-in will begin under the proposed slab. We are hoping for hot dry weather next week so work can continue.



    Construction Project Update

    This week, it rained approximately one inch. The site dried out for the most part up until the storm on Thursday, though the conditions were still workable. Despite the weather, storm pipe and structures were installed. The site utility work will continue through this week. We are hoping for warm, sunny weather so fieldwork can resume, The field was proof rolled. The shell of the panelboard was installed and the conduit was roughed in. Check out the gallery for pics.


  • Check back in often as we will update drone footage, images, news, and more!


    Do you have questions about the athletic project?  Contact Heather Bennett, Director of Engagement & Community Relations.