• Bobcat Behavior Expectations

    At Beach, we believe families and staff are equal partners in supporting children’s learning and we all want the best for our students.  We understand that having clear, consistent expectations is critical.  Our school community defines clear behavioral expectations for each location within our school:  classroom, hallway, cafeteria, playground, bathroom, bus, arrival and dismissal, library, technology, and during special events/assemblies.  The 3 Bobcat Behaviors that we foster and reinforce are: being respectful, responsible, and safe.  Please study the visual below and have discussions at home to reinforce positive behaviors that help our students to be successful not just at school, but in life.

    Beach PBIS behavior

    What can you do to help cultivate positive behaviors for your child?

    Together, we share the responsibility for developing good citizens. Collaboration is key to maintaining a safe school and home environment conducive to learning. Families can help by:

    1. Review the Beach School Expectations with your child and post it in your home.
    2. Maintain communication with your child’ teachers.
    3. Model and reinforce respectful language at home.
    4. Practice kind language with your child such as “Thank you,” “Excuse me,” “Please,” and “I’m sorry.”
    5. Discuss digital citizenship and practicing appropriate use of technology.