Early Education Center Homeless Plan

  • Early Education Center Homeless Plan (McKinney-Vento Plan) 

    The Early Education Center has devised the following plan to effectively and efficiently serve McKinney-Vento eligible children and families in the Preschool for All program. The name and contact information for the McKinney-Vento liaison for the school district is: 

    • Dr. Eric Apgar, Director of Student Services  Phone:  224-842-2075  Email:  eapgar@rlas-116.org

    This plan describes the responsibilities of the school district and the school district staff who work directly with preschool aged children experiencing homelessness and their families.  The McKinney-Vento liaison will: 

    • Review the definition of homelessness and the rights of preschool aged children experiencing homelessness, including the rights of parents or guardians to dispute enrollment decisions made by the school district. 
    • Train and provide information to office staff and preschool staff regarding how to identify and serve preschool-aged children experiencing homelessness  
    • Work with parents to resolve disputes over enrollment when necessary.  Attached is the RLAS District 12.30 Homeless Child's Right to Education, which is available on the RLAS-116.org website in the Student Handbook and the Board of Education Education of Homeless Children Policy 6:140.

    The EEC staff will receive training on the definition of homelessness and the rights of children experiencing homelessness and challenges preschool-aged children experiencing homelessness face through the following programs and/or trainings:

    • Beginning of the school year orientation and throughout the school year during Professional Learning Community meetings.

    Social-emotional wellness for all children, but especially for children experiencing homelessness will be addressed through the following:

    • Universal check-in using the Zones of Regulation chart
    • Universal expectations 
    • Calming corners with calming strategies (toolboxes) are available in each classroom
    • The Pyramid Model serves as our social-emotional framework
    • Creative Curriculum, our core curriculum, includes social-emotional learning objectives and will be incorporated into daily lesson plans
    • Second Step, our supplemental social-emotional curriculum, weekly lessons will be taught
    • Calm Classroom strategies are taught and practiced daily
    • Weekly check-ins by the classroom social worker will be conducted
    • The Family Coordinator will be made aware of all families experiencing homelessness, and will provide resources to the family.  See attachment.
    • Weekly classroom team meetings are scheduled so all staff working together in a classroom can discuss and problem solve for children experiencing homelessness

    Information regarding the Early Education Center Preschool for All Program and screening information is available at:

    • RLAS-116.org district webpage
    • The EEC Facebook page
    • Each school building in the district, the Round Lake Public Library, at the Round Lake Park District, the Lake County Health Department, and participating physician offices will post information in public areas
    • The Birth-3 programs within the district:  Prevention Initiative and Mountain Top will share and post information in public areas

    Preschool screenings, which are conducted throughout the year, will collect information on risk factors, including homelessness.  When a family is identified as being homeless, the following guidelines will be followed in regard to enrollment:

    • Families experiencing homelessness are given priority for enrollment in the Preschool for All program.  
    • The family's ability to provide enrollment documents, including birth certificate, proof of residency, proof of income, health records, will not delay the family’s ability to register.
    • If the EEC program is at capacity, the family will be placed at the top of the waitlist, and / or will be assisted with enrollment in an alternate program such as the Round Lake Park District or the Round Lake Head Start program.
    • Once enrolled, the Family Coordinator will be made aware of the family’s homeless status and will coordinate with the assigned social worker to reach out to the family and provide information about community resources and assist the family in connecting with the resources.
    • The multi-disciplinary classroom team, which includes an assigned social worker will meet weekly to discuss any concerns or supports needed for the child.

    Free transportation will be provided by the district, similar to that of non-homeless students, regardless of the family’s residency within the district boundaries.  The Director of Transportation is responsible for arranging transportation:

    Louis Garcia, Director of Transportation, Phone:  224-842-2085, Email:  lgarcia@rlas-116.org