Operations & Safety

  • The information below contains details for the Operations & Safety section of the Return to In-Person Learning Plan.  Click on a tab to learn more about that particular section's details.

      Environment & Sanitization

      • Many of the established procedures utilized in the 2020-2021 school year will carry into 2021-2022. Below are some of the measures taken to ensure the continued safety for all students and staff.

        Social Distancing & Classroom Layouts

        A comprehensive review has been conducted of every possible learning space within the school district. At this point in time, guidelines permit the seating arrangement of masked students to be within 3-6 feet. Adjustments will be made when necessary to ensure that social distancing guidance is being followed.

        Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

        A hand sanitizer dispenser is installed in every classroom within the District, in common areas, and primary entrances throughout all of our buildings. These dispensers are there to be used by both adults and students and will be refilled regularly by custodial staff.

        Directional Markers

        Directional markings have been placed on the floors of our schools to help students and staff maintain social distancing while moving throughout the building. These markings include the division of a hallway and stairway, social distancing reminders, and directions for movement.

        Plastic Shields

        The District has purchased and will place plastic shields in areas where the 3 feet of social distancing requirement is not able to be met. These shields may be used by students who are working in small groups with their teacher or related service staff providing direct services to students.

        Daily Cleaning 

        A comprehensive procedure is in place to ensure regular cleaning of our schools. Special care will be taken to clean high touchpoint areas, such as door handles/knobs, banisters, and desks/tables.

      Health Screenings

      • All families will be required to submit a Health Screening Survey each school day. The Health Screening Process will be completed electronically using the Infinite Campus Portal. Parents/Guardians will receive an email each morning, reminding them to complete the screening form. Parents/Guardians will be asked to confirm their child or household member is not exhibiting any COVID-like symptoms. If an individual within the household is exhibiting any COVID-like symptoms and/or has been exposed to someone with a confirmed case of COVID-19, no student residing within the household will be permitted to attend school in-person until cleared by the school nurse to do so. An alternative learning plan will be made available to any student required to isolate or quarantine.

        Students will no longer be required to participate in temperature checks when arriving at school. However, random checks will be conducted to ensure that the daily health screening surveys are being completed by all families.

        Parents/Guardians must agree to be available to pick their child up from school in a timely manner if they are exhibiting COVID-like symptoms.

      Mask Requirements & Expectations

      • At this point in time, all individuals are required to wear a mask that securely covers their mouth and nose, while on campus. Any students in need of a mask may request one from their school. Masks patterns and materials must be appropriate for the school setting. Any individual may be asked to change their mask to a district-issued or disposable mask if deemed appropriate by school or district administration.

        Individuals may remove their masks for a short period of time to eat, drink, or blow one’s nose, as long as social distancing requirements are maintained.

        Failure to comply with the established mask requirements and expectations may result in a consequence in alignment with our Student Behavior Code.

      Meal Service

      • Breakfast

        Breakfast will not be served within the school day. Students will be provided a Grab-n-Go breakfast meal at the conclusion of Monday-Thursday for the following day. On Friday, students will receive three breakfasts for consumption on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. In addition to the weekend breakfasts, students will receive two weekend lunches as they exit school each Friday.


        Lunch will be served to students each school day. Lunch eating arrangements will vary by location. Some students will eat in their classroom while others may utilize the cafeteria or common spaces, depending on availability and options within the individual schools. Specific information will be shared about the serving of lunch at the start of the school year. 

        Off-Campus Lunch Expectations

        Students at Round Lake High School that are in good standing may submit an application to participate in off-campus lunch.

        Classroom Food Items

        At this point in time, students will not be permitted to bring in any external food items to share with other students. For example, students celebrating birthdays, recognitions, or other events, will not be allowed to distribute treats (cupcakes, snacks, etc) to their classmates. 


      • Transportation will be provided to all eligible students. Safety measures are in place to ensure acceptable social distancing standards and capacity limits while riding the bus. Ongoing failure to follow transportation rules and expectations may result in suspension from the bus and/or other appropriate consequences consistent with the District’s Student Behavior Code. 

        Eating or drinking is not permitted while on the bus.

      Visitors & Volunteers

      • All visitors are asked to contact the school office prior to their arrival. Visitors are required to participate in a health screening, including a temperature check. Anyone exhibiting COVID-like symptoms and/or have a temperature of 100.4+ degrees may not access the school.

        At this point in time, volunteers will not be permitted in classrooms. This may change as additional guidance is provided to schools.

      Water Bottles

      • Drinking fountains are not accessible at this time. The District has installed water bottle refill stations at each school. Students may bring their own labeled water bottle to school. They may drink water from their bottle throughout the school day, while ensuring appropriate social distancing while doing so. Masks must be worn when not drinking water from a water bottle.