The Round Lake Take

Season 2 Episodes

  • S2:E10 - How can we build socially responsible citizens?

  • S2:E09 - Does mastery learning really help kids?

  • S2:E08 - Are we doing students a disservice by separating education into subjects?

  • S2:E07 - As schools provide more and more social services, what might the future hold?

  • S2:E06 - How do we foster respectful discourse on sensitive topics?

  • S2:E05 - How should we respond to students' concerns over immigration and ICE?

  • S2:E04 - Is "high expectations" just a catchphrase?

  • S2:E03 - What does real partnership between parents and teachers look like?

  • S2:E02 - Should I give unsolicited advice to a colleague if I truly think it will help them?

  • S2:E01 - How can we build trust between administrators and staff?

Season 1 Episodes

  • S1:E06 - How are we supposed to predict what skills students will need in the future?

  • S1:E05 - Real talk about school shootings: is there anything I can do to make myself and my students safer?

  • S1:E04 - Help! I'm drowning, and I wish I hadn't become a teacher.

  • S1:E03 - Poverty impacts my students... should it impact my instruction?

  • S1:E02 - Are evaluations meaningful?

  • S1:E01 - What do I do about this kid that sleeps all class, every day?