Ages & Stages Information

  • The Ages & Stages Questionnaire is a screening tool that will provide a quick check of your child’s development. The information you provide will be helpful in determining if there are community resources or services that may be useful for your child or your family, or that your child is eligible for enrollment in our preschool program.

    The first section of the ASQ-3 looks at five developmental areas. Each area has six questions that go from easier to more difficult. Your child may be able to do some, but not all of the items. Read each question and mark:

    • Yes your child is performing the skill
    • Sometimes your child is performing the skill, or
    • Not yet, which tells us your child is not yet performing the skill

    Following is a brief description of the five developmental areas:

    • Communication: Looks at language skills, both what he or she understands and what he or she can say
    • Gross motor: Looks at large muscles, how your child uses his or her arms and legs, movements and coordination
    • Fine motor: Looks at your child’s hand and finger movement and coordination
    • Problem solving: Looks at how your child plays with toys and solves problems
    • Personal-social: Looks at your child’s self-help skills and interactions with others

    The Overall section asks important questions about your child’s development and any concerns you may have about your child’s development.