Mrs. Heidi Droessler and Mrs. Cari Miller
  • Meet our Social Workers: Ms. Heidi and Ms. Cari

    Ms. Heidi Droessler and Ms. Cari Miller are full time Social Workers at the Early Education Center.  Ms. Heidi and Ms. Cari work in the classrooms with all students as well as those who receive social work services through their IEPs.  Ms. Heidi and Ms. Cari use the Second Step curriculum and Calm Classroom.  Feel free to reach out to Ms. Heidi or Ms. Cari if you have questions about your child’s social emotional well-being or the social emotional curriculum.


    Heidi Droessler:

    847-270-9920 ext. 3121


    Cari Miller:

    847-270-9920 ext. 3120