7.25 - Guidelines for School-Sponsored Publications, Productions and Websites [HS]

  • School-sponsored publications, productions and websites are governed by the Speech Rights of Student Journalists Act, school board policies and the student/parent handbook. Except as provided below, a student journalist has the right to exercise freedom of speech and of the press in school-sponsored media, including the right to determine the news, opinion, feature, and advertising content of school-sponsored media.

    Student journalists are prohibited from using school sponsored media in a way that:

    1. Is libelous, slanderous, or obscene;
    2. Constitutes an unwanted invasion of privacy;
    3. Violates Federal or State law, including the constitutional rights of third parties; or
    4. Incites students to (a) commit an unlawful act; (b) violate any school district policy or student handbook procedure; or (c) materially and substantially disrupt the orderly operations of the school.

    All school-sponsored media shall comply with the ethics and rules of responsible journalism. Text that fits into numbers one through four above will not be tolerated and school officials and student media advisers may edit or delete such material.

    The author’s name will accompany personal opinions and editorial statements. An opportunity for the expression of differing opinions from those published/produced will be provided within the same media.

    No expression made by students in the exercise of freedom of speech or freedom of the press under this policy shall be deemed to be an expression of the school, school district or an expression of school board policy.


    Round Lake Area Schools Community Unit District 116 Policy, 7:315, Restrictions on Publications; High Schools