6.80 - Student Use of Electronic Devices

  • The District recognizes that electronic devices can serve as a powerful tool to enhance teaching and learning.  As a result, it has developed the 1:Wonder technology program. The goal of this program is to promote educational excellence through exposure to 21st Century learning tools that will promote critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication – all skills needed to prepare students to be career and college ready.

    Currently, students in 6th through 12th grade are issued an electronic device during the first weeks of school. Students will receive an iPad, district approved protective case, charging block and charging cord. Once issued to the student, the iPad and accessories become the responsibility of the student until the device is returned. Student access to district managed wifi is limited to district managed devices, students should not connect their personal devices to district managed wifi.  Schools reserve the right to limit student access to electronic devices to promote a safe and productive educational environment.  

    Students in Kindergarten through 5th grade have access to technology through classroom assigned devices.  

    Maintaining student safety and appropriate use of electronic devices is essential.  Expectations for the use of technology are included in Board Policy 6:235 and the 1:Wonder handbook found on the Technolgy homepage under 1:Wonder Program.


    Round Lake Area Schools Community Unit District 116 Policy, 6:235, Access to Electronic Networks