2.90 - Credit for Proficiency, Non-District Experiences, Course Substitutions and Accelerated Placement

  • Credit for Non-District Experiences

    A student may receive high school credit for successfully completing any of the listed courses or experiences even when it is not offered in or sponsored by the District:

    1. Distance learning course, including a correspondence, virtual, or online course.
    2. Courses in an accredited foreign exchange program.
    3. Summer school or community college courses.
    4. College or high school courses offering dual credit at both the college and high school level.
    5. Foreign language courses taken in an ethnic school program approved by the Illinois State Board of Education.
    6. Work-related training at manufacturing facilities or agencies in a Tech Prep Program.
    7. Credit earned in a Vocational Academy. 

    Students must receive pre-approval from the Building Principal or designee to receive credit for any non-District course or experience. The Building Principal or designee will determine the amount of credit and whether a proficiency examination is required before the credit is awarded. Students assume responsibility for any fees, tuition, supplies, and other expenses. Students are responsible for (1) providing documents or transcripts that demonstrate successful completion of the experience, and (2) taking a proficiency examination, if requested. The Building Principal or designee shall determine which, if any, non-District courses or experiences, will count toward a student’s grade point average, class rank, and eligibility for athletic and extracurricular activities.


    Proficiency Credit

    Proficiency credit is available in limited subjects where a student demonstrates competency.  Contact the Building Principal for details.


    Substitutions for Required Courses 

    - Vocational or technical education. A student in grades 9-12 may satisfy one or more high school courses (including physical education) or graduation requirements by successfully completing related vocational or technical education courses or a registered apprenticeship program if:

    1. The Building Principal approves the substitution and the vocational or technical education course is completely described in curriculum material along with its relationship to the required course; and
    2. The student’s parent/guardian requests and approves the substitution in writing on forms provided by the counseling department [HS].

    - Advanced placement computer science. The advanced placement computer science course is equivalent to a high school mathematics course. A student in grades 9-12 may substitute the advanced placement computer science course for one year of mathematics. The transcript of a student who completes the advanced placement computer science course will state that it qualifies as a mathematics-based, quantitative course.

    - Volunteer service credit. A student participating in the District’s Volunteer Service Credit Program, if any, may earn credit toward graduation for the performance of community service. The amount of credit given for program participation shall not exceed that given for completion of one semester of language arts, math, science, or social studies.


    Accelerated Placement 

    The District provides for an Accelerated Placement Program (APP) for qualified students.  It provides students with an educational setting with curriculum options that are usually reserved for students who are older or in higher grades than the student.  Accelerated placement includes but may not be limited to: early entrance to kindergarten or first grade, accelerating a student in a single subject and grade acceleration. Participation is open to all students who demonstrate high ability and who may benefit from accelerated placement.  It is not limited to students who have been identified as gifted or talented. Please contact the Building Principal for additional information.


    Round Lake Area Schools Community Unit District 116 Policy, 6:310, High School Credit for Non-District Experiences; Course Substitutions; Re-Entering Students