Pleviak Panther Store

  • Your children have been working hard to earn Panther Paws. Panther Paws are part of our building-wide reward system. They can earn Panther Paws from their teachers, specials teachers, building the administration, and from support staff, they work with. Students can use their Panther Paws at our school store, the Panther Store. They get to buy items such as pencils, stickers, coupons and even save for larger items such as lunch with Mr. King and Mrs. Swanson or large stuffed animals. Students will shop at our store, bi-weekly during the school year.

    Students are able to shop on Fridays and the school store is on a mobile cart that is brought to each classroom so that students can purchase an item. We utilized parent volunteers to run the school store. If you are interested in volunteering, please reach out to Kimberly Berka at

    Panther Store Dates:

    • Friday, August 30
    • Friday, September 13
    • Friday, September 27
    • Friday, October 11
    • Friday, November 8
    • Friday, November 22
    • Friday, December 13
    • Friday, January 17
    • Friday, January 31
    • Friday, February 14
    • Friday, February 28
    • Friday, March 13
    • Friday, April 3
    • Friday, April 17
    • Friday, May 8
    • Friday, May 22 (Last shopping day)