• Library Expectations

    • Students must have a pass or test to enter the library during the school day.
    • If you have a study hall, please check in with your study hall teacher before signing into the library.
    • Drinks must have a secure lid and be kept away from computers.
    • Please sign out of your accounts before leaving.
    • Clean up after yourself; push your chair in.
    • Only save on your Google Drive.
    • If whatever you’re doing makes it harder for people to use and enjoy the library, don’t.

    Testing Expectations

    • Sit at a table near the front by yourself.
    • Nothing on your desk beside testing materials.
    • No cell phone out.
    • If you need a calculator, ask the librarian.
    • No talking with your test out.


    • Students may check out up to 3 books at a time.
    • Books are checked out for 14 school days.
    • If a book is currently checked out, a hold may be placed on the item. Once the book is ready for pick up, an email will be sent to your student email. You will then have 5 school days to pick up the books before it is returned to the shelves or placed on hold for the next student.
    • Books cannot be renewed if someone else placed a hold on it.
    • We do not charge fines for overdue materials.
    • If a book is not returned within 45 days of the due date, it will be marked lost and added to your student's fees. This charge can be reversed if the book is returned undamaged and the fee has not been paid.
    • Books that are returned damaged will be charged to your student account. Once a damaged item is paid for and cleared, you may pick up the damaged copy from the library.


    These materials are available at all times, including when the school is closed. Please view our Online Resources Page.