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Attention Parents!

  • Welcome to Nutrislice Digital Menus!  Instead of individual links, parents can click the link below to see all school menus! Click on a menu item to see ingredients and nutritional information about the food item.

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    OrganicLife is now hiring!

  • Welcome to Food Service! 

    Round Lake School District 116 partners with Organic Life to provide breakfast and lunch meal service. We are excited to be entering our second year working with Organic Life to offer a variety of healthy and delicious options to our students and staff.

    The District participates in the Illinois State Board of Education's Community Eligibility Provision meal program. The CEP program provides a healthy breakfast and lunch each school day at no charge for all students enrolled during the school year. The lunch meal will include meat/meat alternate, grain, fruit, veggie, and milk. This program does not include second meals and a la carte items, however, these are available for an additional cost.

    Monthly menus and a la carte middle and high school price lists can be viewed and printed via the link you find on this page!

    If you have any questions about your child's experience with Organic Life, please feel contact your school office or Natalie Richter. 

    Email Natalie