• Murphy Intramural Girls Basketball 2018

    Hello parents and students! Welcome to the 2018 Basketball season. This is Mr. Ursin and I will be your daughter's coach! Basketball is a sport where the girls and boys play on seperate teams.  I would like to take a second to talk about our goals for the season. For many of the children this is the first time they will be part of a team. My primary goal is to create an environment where each child can grow, learn, and enjoy themselves. With that being said I would like to be competitive!

    Parents, please check Class Dojo for communication from Mr. Ursin.

    Students, please check Google Classroom.

    • Contact information: Mursin@rlas-116.org.
    • Practices will typically take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Murphy Gym from 3:00-4:00pm. Please be on time to pick up your child. I wait for each student to be picked up before we go anywhere, and would like to get home to my family. There will not be a bus service available at this time.
    • This year two of the games will be played at the High School on Saturday 12/1 during a our first ever Jamboree. Students will get the chance to play on the official courts with the High School teams there to watch and cheer them on! We wanted to give the kids a chance to experience what being a member of an athletic team in High School is like.
    • If you plan on carpooling with other parents on the team, that is fine too. Please send a note with your child explaining who you plan on carpooling with.
    • Remember we are role models for our children. Please display appropriate behavior during games. Mistakes will be made, this is a learning process. We are representing our school, town and ourselves! Let’s keep the shouting to shouts of joy and cheer during games! If you have any concerns please talk to me AFTER games or practices.
    • Should go without saying, but gym shoes are required to play! The jerseys we will use this year will be the tie-dye shirts the students created earlier this year.  Jerseys are required for the games.
    • Attendance at practice is REQUIRED! If your child needs to miss practice for any reason please let me know.  Students in choir can rotate Thursdays to miss so they can attend both Basketball and Choir!
    • Students MUST maintain grades. Any student receiving an “F” in any class will not be allowed to play the following week M-F.
    • Students who receive an ODR/write-up will not participate in the next scheduled game or practice.

Phone: 847-270-9950


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Ursin

  • Practice Schedule

    Game Schedule

    Thursday, 10/18 3:00-4:00

    11/29 3:15-4:15 Indian Hill At Murphy

    Tuesday, 10/23 3:00-4:00            

    12/1 8:00 am -10:30ish am  

    Jamboree at the High School (2 games)

    Tuesday, 10/30 3:00-4:00

    12/6 3:15-4:15 Murphy At Village

    Thursday, 11/1 3:00-4:00


    Tuesday, 11/6 3:00-4:00


    Thursday, 11/8 3:00-4:00


    Tuesday, 11/13 3:00-4:00


    Thursday, 11/15 3:00-4:00


    Tuesday 11/27 3:00-4:00


    Tuesday, 12/4 3:00-4:00


    Friday, 12/7 3:00-4:00 (Not required)

              Bonus open gym. Fun way to end the season!