basket of apples with text Good Bunch 116
  • We have some amazing students in our District.  These kids are bright, kind, funny, and inspiring.  We wanted to give them a shout out, so we started the #GoodBunch116 program.  We asked our school principals to collaborate with their staff to pick one student that exemplifies kindness, leadership, community, and school values. 


    We are so proud to present our #GoodBunch116 students!

First Quarter #GoodBunch116

  • Photo of Adelyn Adelyn J.

    Kindergarten at Pleviak

    This student is observant and kind. I was wearing a brace on my arm and she asked what was wrong. After I answered her, she said, "I hope you get better soon." The next week, she noticed I wasn't wearing it and she said, "I'm glad you are better now." - Ms. Villalobos 
  • Photo of Hassiel Hassiel A.

    5th Grade, Murphy Elementary School

    Hassiel is an amazingly friendly, positive, and good natured student that is always looking for ways to help out his peers and staff. He was selected by the 5th grade team for exhibiting respectful behavior consistently during the month of August. 

  • Photo of Emiliano Emiliano T.

    1st Grade, Village Elementary School

    This is Emiliano, from Ms. Demski’s 1st-grade classroom at Village. Emiliano was chosen because he is a sweet, kind, caring, and empathetic student who always goes above and beyond to help his friends and teachers, who follows directions and rules, is safe, respectful, and responsible, and who is always excited to be in school, always smiling, and is a role model to his peers!

  • Photo of Maria Maria SR

    5th Grade, Ellis Elementary School

    Maria has attended Ellis since second grade.  She was born in Colombia, South America with her whole family.  Maria was chosen for this month because she participates in Ellis’ school peer buddies.  She is a peer buddy to a second-grade girl.  She spends time with her once a week to practice social skills, taking turns, how to be a good friend, and she takes the time to get to know her buddy and what she likes. 

    Her favorite subject is math with Mr. Hanson, and she is in the advanced math class again this year.  Her favorite thing about Ellis is the activities we do, like field days, mural painting, and the positive energy the school has.  She likes how her teachers are respectful to everyone.

    Her goal in the future is to become a surgeon or anything that involves helping others!

  • Photo of Molly Molly K. 

    5th Grade, Beach Elementary School

    Molly exhibits leadership through taking initiative and guiding peers through daily tasks and skills in all classrooms she visits. She is always willing to assist teachers and her classmates. Molly is a great role model and a positive influence over the entire student body.

  • Photo of Sophia Sophia V.

    5th Grade, Indian Hill Elementary School

    Sophia is an amazingly hardworking, kind, respectful student.  She is an example for all Indian Hill students.

  • Photo of Mr. Higgs with Claudia & Myriam Claudia & Myriam

    8th Grade, Round Lake Middle School

    Claudia & Myriam are 8th Graders and are amazing who come from a wonderful family! They advocate for their culture through dance, are hard-working students, part of web crew, National junior honor society and more. They always have a smile on their face and a kind word for everyone. They are both truly deserving of this recognition. 

  • Photo of William William C.

    7th Grade, John T Magee Middle School

    William is a 7th grader at Magee.  He is an exceptional example of kindness and leadership.  He is always holding the door open for others, saving treats for others, and volunteering to help out in the classroom and around the school.  His example is a great representation of the Cougar Code.  We are beyond lucky to have William as a student at Magee.

  • Pic of Gio Gio P.

    Round Lake High School

    Gio is a tenth grader at Round Lake High School. Gio's great attitude and outlook truly embody the sense of "Panther Family". He is an inspiration for both students and staff!  Thank you, Gio!  - Mr. Berrie